Draft Budget Act

The draft of the annual Budget Act consists of 2 volumes:

  • Volume I: the draft Budget Act complies with legal requirements on budget, public accounting and treasury and includes the draft articles of the Law, comments on the relevant articles, a summary of the financial and budget outlook as well as tables detailing income and expenditure.

  • Volume II: It encompasses the pluriannual programme scheme in the EU perspective including the reconciliation between the public administration budgetary balance as per national accounting rules and the balance as per SEC2010 (detailing in particular the following balances "Central Administration", "Local Administration" and "Social security Administration"). The pluriannual programme scheme covers a 4-year period. In addition, Volume II includes analyses of the public finance forecast, the evolution of public debt as well as the forecast of income and expenditure according to the European System of Accounts (ESA 2010).
    Tables & Charts detailing the financial outlook of some special funds and own-managed public services (SEGS).


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