The Inspectorate of Finance, "Inspection Générale des Finances" or IGF, was established by the Law of 10 March 1969. The Inspectorate is operating under the authority of the Budget Minister and works under the responsibility of the director of the Inspectorate.

 IGF's missions primarily consist in drafting the pre-project of the law related to the national budget of revenues and expenditures, in issuing evaluations regarding projects and plans whose execution is likely to impact the State's finances, and in investigating any matter submitted by the Council of Ministers or a member of the government.

The Inspectorate of Finance is also entitled to make suggestions in order to set up the State's investment programming schemes to be validated by the Council of Ministers and to supervise the implementation of adopted schemes. The IGF is also accredited to make any suggestion that could presumably result in savings or in improving the organisation of the Public Administration services in order to ensure the efficient functioning of the public services.


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