Budget timetable

Executive works

April n-1                          Budget circular is sent by the Minister responsible for the budget

May n-1                           Budget proposals are prepared by the departments/ministries

June n-1                          Proposals are analysed by the Inspectorate. Contradictory meetings.

July n-1                            Preparatory work for the Government Council on points to be decided.
                                            Bilateral meetings are held with the respective departements/ministries.

September n-1              Draft Budget Act is finalised. Budget session of the Governement Council.

October n-1                    Draft Budget Act is submitted to the Chamber of Deputies.


Legislative works

As from October n-1       Works in parliamentary commissions.

                                                Opinions from advisory bodies are prepared simultaneously.

December n-1                   Draft Budget Act for the year n and for the pluriannual financial planning is put to vote by the Chamber
                                                (reference period: n-1 to n+3)




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